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Globetrotting for Resources Global

Serving clients in 66 countries from offices in 21 requires patience, planning and a really good map.

Resources’ work with Lockheed subsidiary Pacific Architects and Engineers (PAE) took Consultant John Egerer, far right, to Dubai and Kandahar. Other team members working from PAE’s Virginia-based offices include, from left, Rob Neale, Steve Fogarty, Fran Mellott, Ferhad Desai and Marquette Arnold.

Resources serves large, multinational companies with offices in all corners of the globe, and it’s not unusual for clients to request help in a part of the world where the Company doesn’t have a physical presence. But even though Resources offices can’t be everywhere, its Consultants certainly can (and are).

The cross-cultural personalities, strong language skills and substantive expertise of Resources professionals make them a valued commodity. Consultants have worked in all corners of the globe, from Brazil and the Bahamas to Tanzania and Afghanistan.

“Our strategy is to support our clients wherever they need us, and we have opened offices in new geographies based upon client demand,” said Senior Vice President Bob Leach, who is based in London, and is responsible for international corporate development. “Working in multiple locations beyond Resources’ physical practice offices has contributed to the growth of our Company and client list.”

A good example of that growth is the Asia-Pacific region. Before Resources established offices in China, India, Japan and Singapore, Consultants from the Hong Kong practice serviced those locations.

Meeting client requests for help in remote locations takes teamwork. “We draw from all of our offices and work with local client service and recruiting directors to identify the appropriate Consultants,” said Senior Vice President Frits Aarts, who is responsible for European operations.

But finding the right Consultant is just the beginning. It takes a company-wide effort to handle logistics such as obtaining visas, making travel arrangements and securing housing accommodations.

And in this era of wide-spread political unrest, Resources does its best to keep Consultants out of harm’s way. “We saw that happen recently in India with the hotel bombings,” said Emilia Moushoulof, Managing Director of Strategic Accounts for the Asia-Pacific region. “We had a Consultant due to go to Mumbai for a project, and we waited to send him until the danger alert was lifted.”

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