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Consultant Profile: Dave Martin

Dave and Bonnie walk their daughter, Dominique, down the aisle on her wedding day. Photo by Kenny Kim.

In the six years since joining Resources, Dave Martin has completed more SOX and internal audit engagements than any other Consultant in the Northwest. He has traveled to assignments in Seattle, Kansas City, Boise, San Antonio and Las Vegas. He also spent three months in Austria when the Las Vegas client purchased a large, wholly owned subsidiary there and SOX activities needed to be evaluated.

“Dave Martin is an amazing Consultant,” said Tim Brackney, Resources’ Regional Managing Director based in Portland. “He’s consistently the hardest working and most flexible Consultant I know. He enjoys the work and loves a challenge. I can’t think of one time when he has turned down an engagement.”

Dave was a consultant in the IT industry when the Y2K bubble burst in early 2001. He stuck it out for a while, but finding projects in the Portland area became difficult.

He decided to explore a career with Resources and contacted Tim. “We realized that I could use my computer skills along with my CPA and MBA in finance to put together a good picture for Resources,” said Dave, who has a double major in finance and accounting from Dartmouth’s Amos Tuck School.

Tim hired Dave for an engagement in a company that needed assistance with general computer controls and SOX. “That lasted more than a year, although it overlapped with other projects for other companies,” Dave said. “I often balanced two or three projects at the same time.”

It’s the constant challenges that attracted Dave to Resources and keeps him as a Consultant. “I enjoy going from one big project to another instead of being at one company doing the same thing day after day,” he said. “I get to see new people and work on one exciting opportunity after another.”

A life-altering challenge
Dave faced his greatest challenge in January 2008 after having blood work done to update his life insurance. He was rejected and advised to see a doctor right away. The news was not good. He was diagnosed with advanced cancer that had started in the prostate and spread to lymph nodes and other abdominal areas. Doctors told him that he had less than two months to live.

He was 51, with a grown son in the master’s program at his alma mater, and a daughter preparing to be married that summer. Dave and his wife, Bonnie, were raising and training 30 horses on their large farm and planning to open a school. He had too much to live for and began researching treatment programs.

Through the Lance Armstrong Foundation, Dave was able to enroll in an experimental trial that was using mega doses of chemo and radiation (far above the AMA-approved limits used in traditional treatments) followed by surgery.

Dave’s days were spent receiving treatments and in doctors’ waiting rooms. Although weak, sick and living on painkillers, he worried about his income. In one instance, he arranged to have a dozen biopsies extracted early in the morning so that he could fly to an assignment in Boise that same day.

“I had already worked for Resources five years and had about 100 hours saved up,” he said. “But that isn’t much when you’re gone day after day.”

The options were limited. He could apply for either disability or family leave. Dave wanted to keep working, and didn’t have time to wait the six months it would take for those options to kick in.

The Resources family rallies
It was about that time that Tim called Dave with some good news. Resources had come through with special funds available for emergency situations. In addition, Resources employees – many who had never even worked with Dave – donated vacation time that was his to use as needed.

“We’re a people business and recognize that our people are our best asset,” Tim said. “We think of our Resources’ folks as family and when something bad happens, your family circles around you.”

With income worries behind him, Dave was able to focus on his recovery. “I had to change my schedule and couldn’t do as much full-time work with a lot of overtime, but Resources helped to find part-time assignments that worked for me,” said Dave. “My entire time in treatment was covered.”

Dave and his daughter, Dominique.

The trial ended in May 2008. More good news came a month later when Dave’s first post-op blood test was completely clear with no evidence of cancer. That same month, he walked his daughter down the aisle at the wedding he was told he wouldn’t live to see.

Still in remission, Dave is currently engaged in Spokane at Itron, an international company that makes utility meters. “The support from Resources was far more than the money and vacation time,” he said. “I was inundated with letters and phone calls of encouragement from our wonderful community of people who gave me constant feedback and support. That was more important than anything.” Resources end carrot

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David W. Martin


Joined Resources:

Practice Area:
Risk & Compliance

Portland, Oregon

MBA in Finance and Accounting from Dartmouth’s Tuck School; BA in Economics from Willamette University

CPA in 1981


Some of Dave’s engagements include:
Conducted IT testing and documentation for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance at 16 publicly traded companies:

• Tested and remediated general computer controls on business systems for security, change management and operations.

• Evaluated and managed projects to remediate segregation of duties.

• Implemented key controls for end-user computing.

Served as Project Manager for Sarbanes-Oxley implementations at a dozen publicly traded companies:

• Coordinated the Risk Assessment of all corporate processes, cycles and accounts.

• Managed team and solo engagements across different time zones, languages and client skill levels.

• Created fully cross-referenced COSO documentation (with process narratives, flow charts, role/responsibility matrix, control objectives, control activities) for key cycles such as Expenditures, Fixed Assets, Treasury, Payroll, General Ledger, Revenue and Receivables.

• Identified key controls, gaps and deficiencies against the COSO framework, recommending corrective plans and monitoring remediation.

• Developed the Internal Audit Plan, Approach, Tests and Schedules for ongoing monitoring and evaluation of controls.