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Conflict Minerals - How RGP Helps Companies Comply


At RGP, we help companies manage complex compliance initiatives as well as develop and execute sustainable programs. Our expertise provides organizations with a comprehensive understanding of Conflict Minerals regulation requirements and an effective and efficient method for addressing enterprise-wide implications. Partnering with your internal team, we will provide guidance regarding strategy development, risk, timing and reporting. Our Conflict Minerals Solution includes a due diligence methodology that is consistent with the SEC-endorsed OECD framework. Our global team of professionals can execute, train and monitor Conflict Minerals compliance anywhere in the world.

Our focus is providing a solution that is most effective for your organization. We can collaborate with you at any stage of your Conflict Minerals compliance program development. We will work in any capacity that most effectively helps you successfully trace, audit, report and certify your minerals supply chain. At RGP, we stand ready to partner with your organization as a fully scalable and flexible professional services provider.

Our Conflict Minerals Solution includes:

  •   Quick Diagnostic
    • Management Systems Review
    • Review of Bills of Material
    • Review of Supplier Contracts
    • Overall Readiness Assessment
  •   Due Diligence
    • Determine Applicability
    • Reasonable Country of Origin Inquiry (RCOI) Center of Excellence (COE)
    • Due Diligence
    • General Conflict Minerals Report
  •   Independent Audit
    • Issue certification on:
      • Appropriateness of the design of the due diligence framework
      • Accuracy of the description of the due diligence measures described in Form SD
  •   Training
    • Customized training for client resources
    • Focused on Reasonable Country of Origin and Due Diligence approach
    • Prepares clients for Year 1 and ongoing, sustainable compliance
  •   policyIQ®
    • RGP's proprietary content management software manages project management workflows, risk assessments, supplier questionnaires, due diligence data and more

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White Paper: Turning Conflict Minerals Reporting Challenges into Competitive Advantages

RGP and Resilinc, a leading provider of supply chain resiliency solutions, have co-authored a white paper. Turning Conflict Minerals Reporting Challenges into Competitive Advantages outlines key lessons learned in year one and how companies are benefitting going into year two.

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OECD Due Diligence Framework

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