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At RGP, we treat every client as unique and work closely to customize a solution to help solve problems, implement internal initiatives and drive change. We are an agile and trusted partner, enabling our clients to respond to internal projects within tight timeframes. Our Big Four heritage has given us a wealth of capabilities and expertise in all areas of finance and accounting services, including:

  •   Process Transformation and Improvement
    • Business process improvement
    • Treasury operations
    • Skills development and training
  •   Skills Development and Training
    • Mergers and acquisitions
    • IPOs
    • Bankruptcies
    • Divestitures
  •   Financial Reporting and Analysis
    • External financial reporting, including
      Conflict Minerals compliance and reporting
    • Internal management reporting
    • Key performance indicators
    • Planning, budgeting and modeling
    • Account and transaction-level analysis
  •   Technical and Operational Accounting
    • Accounting operations
    • Technical standards implementation
    • Policies and procedures
  •   Remediation and Audit Response Support
    • Reconciliations
    • Remediation of internal control weakness
    • Financial statement restatements
    • Audit response

RGP is not a certified public accountancy firm.

"Our Big Four heritage has given us a wealth of experience in all areas of finance and accounting services."

Webcast: Revenue Recognition: Understanding the New Standard

In May, the FASB and IASB released the new Revenue Recognition rules which set out a consistent method for how a company should book its revenue. This converged standard will impact most companies and its effects will not be isolated in the Finance & Accounting organization. In this webcast, we examine the new rules and changes from current GAAP, giving the participant an understanding of the recognition, measurement and reporting requirements of the new standard, likely impacts to their organization, implementation challenges, and keys to a successful implementation.

Webcast: COSO IMPLEMENTATION: Lessons Learned From Early Adopters

As a follow up to our earlier webcast, we will share experiences gained from assisting clients with the transition to the 2013 COSO Integrated Internal Control Framework, including valuable lessons learned from early adopters of the new framework.

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