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We help manage the people side of business by developing and implementing the human capital initiatives essential to success. As organizations grow, merge with other companies, implement new systems, and deal with compliance requirements, RGP helps them meet their organizational and business objectives. With backgrounds in project management, change management and HR operations and technology, our Human Capital professionals have the business acumen and technical skills to help clients with a wide range of projects.

  •   Organization Development & Effectiveness
    • Process analysis development and redesign
    • Change management
    • Organizational alignment and structure
    • Fully integrated performance management and measurements programs
    • Succession planning and development programs
    • Training and skills development strategy
    • Workforce planning
    • Employee retention programs, opinion surveys and communications programs
  •   HR Technology
    • System selection, implementation and optimization
    • Project management
    • Change management
    • Post-implementation support
    • Interim support
  •   HR Operations
    • HR leadership
    • HR risk assessment
    • Compensation / benefits
    • HR risk-avoidance strategies
    • Labor / employee relations and compliance
    • Talent acquisition
  •   E3 (E Cubed) change management framework
    • From our exposure to various methodologies, we have developed a change management framework that we adapt to your specific needs and culture.
    • E3 Change Management Framework

"Our Human Capital professionals have the business acumen and technical skills to help clients with a wide range of projects."


Key Strategies To Raise Leadership Effectiveness During Organizational Change and Beyond

What does it take to become a valued leader during critical business transformations in today’s ever-changing workplace? For example, integrating a key acquisition, transforming an organizational culture, or turning around business unit performance? A robust leadership development framework that's aligned with key change drivers can equip your organization to improve your bottom line and attract and retain valuable talent during challenging times. Join us to learn leadership development strategies that can make you, your team, and your organization more successful navigating large-scale organizational change.

Thursday, March 26th, 9am PT/12pm ET (1 hour)

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