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Global Firm Launches Initiative to Recruit Key Management in a War Zone

The procurement department of a global engineering and construction firm's Government & Infrastructure business unit had to ensure it had the necessary resources in Iraq and Afghanistan. This was a critical element to supporting the troops and the ongoing construction to rebuild the countries. 

How We Helped
In collaboration with the company's internal recruiting team and another consulting firm, our team of experienced and accomplished recruiters screened, interviewed and on-boarded management-level procurement and supply chain professionals for one-year contracts.  RGP's Consultants established a unique and new recruiting strategy, allowing the company to utilize multiple channels and successfully hire the required number of people and needed skill set for each assignment. 

To effectively garner the results required, we designed a recruitment strategy that included sourcing available candidates around the world and additional candidates recently discharged from the military.  We established an entire process and communication strategy.  This strategy required using all possible technologies available and flexible Consultants willing to work at all hours of the day (due to time differences) to ensure proper communication. 

Average cost per hire was reduced over 50%.  Had the company hired all qualified and available candidates that our team identified, the cost per hire would have been reduced over 75%.   We successfully demonstrated that non-traditional channels of recruiting produce cost-effective results. 

Why RGP?
Our proven capability to deliver ROI and an effective and thorough process to source, screen, interview, hire and on-board candidates for higher level positions was highly valued by the company.  We demonstrated our success as a more economical and effective recruiting solution in comparison to traditional contingent search firms.

Leading Global Airline Outsources HR Functions to Improve Performance and Lower Cost

Delivering exceptional customer service is a critical focus for any airline. Ensuring that high-quality service is delivered not only to customers, but to more than 50,000 internal employees and business units was the focus of this leading global airline. An initiative was launched to assess the performance level of the recruitment, hiring and payroll functions, and determine the most effective solution (insourcing or outsourcing) for each function.

How We Helped
As the company's initiative progressed, our Consultants' roles evolved. Beginning with the recruitment and staffing function outsourced to a third-party vendor, our Consultant helped manage the vendor and identify process enhancements to expedite the time to fill and quality of hires (an average of 250 new hires per month). After six months of evaluating the operational process, the recruitment and staffing function was brought back in-house in an effort to more effectively meet business needs. However, the company was not able to gain the efficiencies desired, nor the throughput performance needed. 

We then partnered with the client to successfully outsource the recruitment and staffing function to a new third-party vendor. Our project manager and subject-matter expert created the project scope, statement of work and service level agreements, and was engaged in the daily implementation plans and roll-outs to the businesses throughout the transition and its very aggressive timeline. This was accomplished within a 60-day window (despite the outsourced vendor's 90-to-180 day specified implementation period) for all exempt and non-exempt employees. The transition included all sourcing, tracking, pre-employment checks and hiring functions, as well as the necessary technology changes and data migration to complete the transition.

In addition, we helped manage communication and issues management with the vendor's project manager and COO. Our Consultant coordinated the on-going interaction with team members from both companies, including the daily project meeting organized to determine status and issues. By executing a detailed communication plan, we were able to ensure that all participants were informed and on board with changes.

To improve the performance and cost of payroll processing, the airline changed outsourced vendors. We helped manage the implementation of the disability payroll processing from one outsourced vendor to another. This included all eligibility processing through disability payroll distribution. Our consultant served as program manager, provided communication and successfully coordinated the three entities and handled cross-functional issues.

Strong collaboration with the airline's business leaders enabled RGP to assess the effectiveness of the recruitment, hiring and payroll functions; determine the solution for improving performance and lowering costs; and evaluate the various vendors. The new recruitment and hiring outsourced provider is able to manage multiple companies - resulting in a lower cost per applicant - and has restored business unit leaders' faith in the quality and suitability of applicants. Furthermore, we successfully transitioned the payroll function from one vendor to another and completed the two installations with no loss of employee pay or benefits.

Why RGP?
RGP has been a trusted partner with this leading airline for more than nine years. Our long-standing reputation of providing solutions to the company's day-to-day operating challenges - and engaging highly qualified team members to partner with their internal teams - assured the company's HR leaders that we are the professional services firm of choice to help develop and execute their initiatives and provide project management within the HR group.

International Mining Industry Leader Successfully Consolidates PMOs After Major Acquisition

Following a major acquisition, an international mining industry leader addressed the consolidation of Project Management Offices (PMOs) as one of the first integration challenges. With numerous diverse sites throughout North and South America, the acquired company's PMO followed a shared services project approach and focused on project initiation, planning and closure. The acquiring company had fewer, but larger sites in North America and Asia and relied heavily on custom developed applications and the software development lifecycle (SDLC) process.

Creating a single, best-in-class PMO and ensuring that the approach was well received and accepted in the new organization became a large and critically important initiative to the success of the merger.

How We Helped
RGP partnered with the client to integrate the methodology and tools used by both organizations into one PMO, develop a common process for all technology projects, and deploy a consistent status reporting and portfolio management approach. We obtained an understanding of the existing processes, activities and team members' roles in the project management process within each PMO location and identified commonalities within each PMO's methodology. To identify the gaps between the project methodologies, supporting toolsets, training materials and personnel capabilities, we conducted workshops with key project managers.

Strong collaboration with the company's business leaders and team members enabled us to design a revised project management approach that met all of the goals: a common terminology and toolset across the new enterprise, a flexible philosophy to accommodate the inherent differences between the two original PMOs, and the implementation of a set of standards driven by the Project Management Institute. We developed and piloted a successful and well received training program for the new project management approach and partnered with the company's PMO Director to train and mentor the PMO teams in various countries on the new process.

Why RGP?
Extensive experience developing and executing programs to successfully manage the impact of large scale changes on business processes, systems and people is critical to the outcome of any business initiative. Our professionals have this experience. Recognizing our capabilities in managing change - in addition to our team's industry, functional and technical experience - brought this client to partner with RGP to ensure a successful integration.

Premier Luxury Retailer Optimizes Functional Team for Premier Performance

To ensure its internal marketing group's resources, processes and technology were organized and aligned for delivering state-of-the-art marketing services, this premier luxury retailer's leadership team launched an organizational assessment and transformation.

How We Helped
In collaboration with the company's corporate human resources team, we reviewed the marketing team's roles, tasks and qualifications through the VP level, recommended a marketing structure, drafted revised job descriptions, and identified gaps in the employees' skill sets. To effectively gather the necessary information, we designed an interview instrument and trained a group of HR managers to conduct individual interviews of each marketing employee.

Our professionals analyzed the interview data by mapping critical marketing functions, data types and system tools across all marketing employees. Subsequently, the executive board embraced our recommendations for a new organizational structure that aligned roles, responsibilities and systems to ensure brand integrity, program execution excellence and effective marketing analytics within and across channels. Our team partnered with the client to execute the new structure; we developed and delivered a training program and created the communication plan and materials to announce the project to the organization.

Armed with detailed marketing process maps, our change management plan for the marketing group included level-by-level communication, detailed transition plans to the process level, alignment of individual marketing employees to their new positions, and compensation/title adjustments and appropriate system/tool changes to motivate employees and make change stick. Throughout the implementation, we regularly updated the executive board members, counseled the marketing executives and coached those in newly created marketing leadership positions.

Why RGP?
Our team's understanding of the analytical tools used in marketing, experience in the retail industry, and the use of a practical approach in a culture that disdains traditional consultants strengthened our organizational design solution. We demonstrated similar results in helping the company manage change in the past and, therefore, the company turned to us again to ensure the success of their optimization initiative.

World leader in Convenience Food and Beverages Undergoes Global Transformation Alignment

In support of an enterprise-wide transformation alignment, a Fortune Global 500 consumer products company needed assistance with project management, change management and human-capital-related focus areas.

How We Helped
Serving as project manager, we maintained and facilitated communication among the project team members and managed the plan for the project implementation. We partnered with the company's internal Human Capital team and delivered continuity and a singular focus on the transformation project.

Our professionals with similar industry experience provided primary HR generalist and HR systems support. Our change management team delivered guidance for aligning roles, responsibilities, compensation and hiring as part of the global transformation initiative. To effectively respond to the results of the company's organizational health survey, we worked with the organization management and development team to create a tactical plan and templates for communicating the planned actions.

We provided the tools and led the project's employee communication to effectively increase employee motivation and commitment during the transformation initiative. Our team designed a conceptual framework and communication plan to explain flexible sourcing strategy to employees, which supported the global transformation alignment efforts by supplying the broader picture behind the transformation project.

Why RGP?
Our extensive experience with global companies - and practical approach to managing the people side of business change - helps make change stick for the long term. With consulting and industry experience along with cross functional knowledge, our professionals develop and help execute effective plans to communicate, train, align roles and responsibilities, and compensate and motivate to ensure successful management initiatives.

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