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Our web-based content management application, policyIQ®, helps companies create, organize, track and report on business content. It is used by hundreds of organizations, from small businesses to Global 100 enterprises, to manage content for a single purpose, such as SOX documentation management, or across many areas for multiple tasks. Manage Policies and Procedures, Risk and Compliance, Internal Audit, and Contract Management documentation, or use policyIQ to Automate Processes, such as account reconciliations. Our customers are creatively applying policyIQ's functionality to meet needs of virtually any initiative where they are working to organize information, automate processes or implement oversight and approval..

Customizable and easy to use, policyIQ is accessed over the web through a simple, intuitive interface. Implementation and maintenance of policyIQ requires no IT resources and can be completed within days. Visit the policyIQ website for details, to view a demonstration, explore screenshots from various solutions, and request a free 30-day trial.

Sample Clients:

  • A publicly traded manufacturing company needed a tool to help simplify its document review and approval processes as well as resolve issues with version control. The principal drivers were cost, ease of use, flexibility and reliability. The company launched policyIQ, worldwide, ahead of schedule.
  • A privately held, employee-owned technology firm operating in the United States and Canada purchased policyIQ for their account reconciliation process. Using policyIQ, they automated many elements of their reconciliation process and gained new analysis and oversight capability, making the process significantly more efficient overall.
  • A Fortune 1000 company faced the challenge of sharing and collaborating information across several decentralized entities. Implementing policyIQ made it easy to standardize documentation and centralize the update and review of controls, testing, deficiency remediation and internal audit documentation, as well as policies and procedures.

Key Features and Example Uses

  • Workflow management includes online editing with formatting and spell-check capability, ability to share and delegate content development and routing for approval.
  • Forms Management allows companies to automate processes and electronically manage corporate documents, such as IT System Access Requests, Bank Reconciliations, and New Hire Forms, making them available to users, processing and routing responses, and providing detailed reporting on information collected.
  • Security features simplify governance and ensure that every user who logs into policyIQ is allowed access to only the appropriate content and functionality.
  • Powerful searching and ad-hoc reporting capabilities bring the ability to oversee and analyze information from various perspectives to your fingertips. Easily configurable to meet the unique needs of any business, policyIQ has customizable folder hierarchies for organizing content, group structures to categorize users, and content templates with custom fields to standardize like content across the organization.

Businesses use policyIQ across all functions of their organizations:

  • Finance and Accounting - Accounting policies, financial reporting procedures, SEC regulations, bank account reconciliations, Sarbanes-Oxley Section 302 certifications and 404 documentation
  • Information Management - Management of software development projects, disaster recovery plans, help desk procedures, system "how tos," system access request forms, change management documentation
  • Internal Audit - risk assessment, audit test plans, testing documentation, management action plans, audit committee charter and meeting minutes
  • Human Capital - Employee handbook, benefits information and frequently asked questions, new hire and other employee forms, candidate or employee evaluations
  • Supply Chain - vendor qualification, procurement policies and procedures, executed contracts, transaction documentation
  • Legal - Code of Conduct and other compliance documentation including employee sign-offs, ethics policies, contract templates, agreement repository

Learn more at

"Hundreds of organizations from small businesses to Global 100 enterprises use policyIQ to manage content."
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