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Consulting. From the inside out.

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About Us
About Us
Our Founding Story
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About Us

Resources Global Professionals (RGP) serves business from the inside. Partnering with client teams, we solve problems, implement initiatives and help drive change through all levels of businesses all over the world.

Traditional consulting firms hire right out of school. We employ seasoned professionals so they can start adding value as soon as they begin an engagement. Our professionals are experienced problem solvers with 10-20 years' experience in fields including finance and accounting, human capital, information management, internal audit, legal and supply chain.

From 70 offices in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, RGP serves over 1,800 clients. We're a pioneering professional services firm, a global community with a new approach to consulting - from the inside out.


A global professional services firm with a Big Four heritage:
  • 87 of the Fortune 100 served
  • 100% retention of top 50 clients
  • Served more than half the Fortune 1000
  • Consultants have 10-20 years' experience
  • 3,100 professionals in 70 offices
  • A high-value, cost-effective business model
"RGP helps drive change through all levels of businesses, all over the world."
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